• iOS – requires iOS 8.0+
  • Android – currently this is not supported. Can’t live without LiveVenues? Request for Android

From the NOW section of the main menu, click the “I Am Here!” button to log a new location and share it with your contacts. When you are checked in, this becomes an “Options” button and you can change your location or refresh contacts visible in the WHO IS HERE? section.

“Places” is your resource for who you met, when, and where. Find and connect with contacts in any of the locations you’ve visited recently or see a log of places you’ve been.

Your history is only visible to you, and is enhanced by enabling Background location. Navigate to your Profile > Settings > Location Settings and toggle your devices Background Location on.

If you want us to find friends where you are, we’ll first have to know who your friends are! On iOS, navigate to Settings > Privacy and make sure that Contacts are enables for LiveVenues.

We search your contacts for other friends using LiveVenues, but we do not store the information from your phone book. We do not share this information and it is encrypted during the process, meaning it’s even more secure.

If your friends are not yet using LiveVenues you can invite them at any time through the SHARE tab in the main menu. When they accept, you will both receive free credits to use when connecting to new contacts.

If you are not connected to an interesting person nearby and would like to send them a message, it will cost 5 credits. This is done to minimize random requests and maintain a high quality experience for our community.

A connection request will show up in the REQUESTS section of the main menu. It is up to you whether you would like to accept that message and continue communicating with the requestor and it does not cost you credits to accept.

When you invite a friend from your contact book or social accounts, and they use your invite code to sign-up, you will both receive 10 free credits. LiveVenues is way more fun with your friends as connections, so go ahead and invite them for free! If enough friends accept, you may never use credits at all!

If you are at a venue with interesting people you’d like to meet, you may purchase additional credits to request to connect with them in the SHARE section of the main menu.

When you are in the same location as a user, go ahead and strike up a conversation! You will find other users nearby in the WHO IS HERE? section of your NOW screen. Users who are already contacts will have an orange circle around their photos. Click their photo to view their profile or message them by clicking the chat icon on the right-hand side.

If you’re already connected, chat away! You can send text, images, or drop them a map or directions to your location so that you can meet up.

If you are not contacts yet, send them a short message to request a chat. It costs 5 credits to request a chat if you are not connected.

Visit PROFILE in the slider menu to change your information at any time. Your email and phone number are linked to your account and cannot be changed.

If you want us to find contacts where you are, we’ll first have to know where you are! Navigate to Settings > Privacy on your device and make sure that “Location Services” is enabled for LiveVenues in order to log your history and connect with new contacts.

LiveVenues works if you allow your location to be detected. You may change your location services preferences any time in your iOS device Settings > Privacy > Location Services > LiveVenues. We recommend choosing “Always” for the best experience so that the app can update when you or other users arrive and leave the area.

If you change your privacy settings for LiveVenues in the device settings to “While Using”, the app will still be able to detect where you are, but it won’t be able to tell when you leave. It will also show a persistent blue bar on your device screen that may interfere with other functions of your phone or other apps.

If you change your device privacy settings to “Never” the app cannot detect your location and will not work properly. But if you want to go incognito, just navigate to Settings > Privacy on your device and make sure that “Location Services” is off. Don’t forget to turn it back on to enjoy the networking opportunities when you are ready.

If you have checked in to a location, LiveVenues will use location services in the background to look for a change in location. If you have changed your Location settings to “While Using App” this band will appear to alert you that it is searching for this information. You can disable the band by checking out of the location you were in.

To reset your password, click on the reset password link on the login screen. Enter your email address and click “Reset”. This will email you a link where you can create new login credentials. Then you can login with the new password you created.

There is currently limited support outside of the United States. Contact us if you’d love to light up the networking opportunities in your area at info@activenues.com.